Linde BlueSpot

The Linde BlueSpot™ ensures safety in aisles and at blind crossing points – without the need for noise. The new technical features have taken this already premium quality product to the next level.


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Linde BlueSpot Features and Advantages

—Warning device, especially for driving in warehouse aisles or unclear cross-over areas.
—Early perception of an approaching forklift truck with the help of a rear-facing light beam.
—LED technology: high light output while maintaining a low current draw.
—Resistant to vibrations.
—Impervious to ingress of water during high pressure cleaning.
—Enhanced lifetime of illuminant und lens due to minimal operating temperature.
—Higher acceptance amongst drivers and employees compared to acoustic warning devices.
—usage for forward driving possible (mounting at position 4 or at mast).
—switching on of BlueSpot™ while reverse driving possible.

Adapted plug housing

The increase in IP protection class to IP69K was achieved by a flush inset plug housing, improving waterproofing around the plug.

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UntitledWhen mounting the BlueSpot™ versions, generally a distance of 3 to 5 metres between the truck and the light cone on the floor should be met.
Regarding the BlueSpotTM ‘directional’, it is especially important to ensure a clear light pattern of the arrow. The ideal mounting angle and distance on the floor varies depending on the respective truck type.














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