Linde Speed Assist

Using the latest radar sensing technology, Linde Speed Assist helps to prevent accidents by automatically reducing the maximum allowed traction speed in high risk areas such as warehouses and factory floors.

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Linde Speed Assist

Linde Speed Assist

Truck outdoors, no ceiling detected full traction speed – Truck indoors, ceiling detected reduced traction speed

Intended primarily for indoor/outdoor applications, the system works by detecting the presence of a ceiling.
When working outside, full traction speed is available. On entering a building the ceiling is detected, and the truck speed restricted to a predefined maximum.


  • Improved Safety
    Automatic speed restriction when working indoors
  • Increased efficiency
    Maximum speed outside
  • Outstanding flexibility
    Adjustable maximum indoor speed and reaction time
    Sensor range and sensitivity can be adjusted to suit customer’s site
  • High reliability
    Weather resistant due to radar technology
  • Easy assembly
    Minimum number of parts enable quick retrofit


Description Truck model Part number
Sensor All 7917415368
Retrofit kit mechanical fastening 386/391 3913609514
Retrofit kit mechanical fastening 392/393/394 3923609522
Retrofit kit mechanical fastening 387/388 3873609531
Retrofit kit electrical connection 386-01/386-02 3863609537
Retrofit kit electrical connection 387 3873609530
Retrofit kit electrical connection 388 3883609513
Retrofit kit electrical connection 39x-01 3003609527
Retrofit kit electrical connection 391-option, 39x-02 3003609528
Optional harness extension 38x/39x 3003810413
(Required if the sensor is not mounted in the standard position)

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