Safety Advice for Forklift Drivers

Forklift trucks play a key role in most working environments. Improving logistics and streamlining processes for all manner of business operations. However, in the UK alone, material handling equipment reportedly causes 1,500 injuries per year, so it is imperative that regular forklift safety training and full vehicle maintenance is conducted. Accident prevention should be at… Read more

Linde Speed Assist

Linde Speed Assist

Using the latest radar sensing technology, Linde Speed Assist helps to prevent accidents by automatically reducing the maximum allowed traction speed in high risk areas such as warehouses and factory floors.   Click logo to view video on Linde Aftersales YouTube page     Truck outdoors, no ceiling detected full traction speed – Truck indoors,… Read more


Clipboard with LED lighting

The Linde clipboard with LED lighting – for enhanced organisation and efficiency in the driver’s cab. This retrofitting solution gives you quick access to your documentation and guarantees excellent legibility

Bump stops truck type 115

Non-marking version During daily work, black bump stops often leave messy streaks on the hall floor. A remedy for this is now being provided by additional versions in non-marking design with the same material quality. Article number        Description                           Fits mast 0009161333             Bump stop white                 Up to lift height 8455 mm 0009161332             Bump stop… Read more

Seat Pad with Reinforcement

Seat pad with leather reinforcement – Truck type 1120

Getting on and off the seat frequently puts a high amount of strain on the sides of the driver’s seat. This is a particular and often unavoidable problem with reach trucks such as the 1120. These truck types are put under such strain on a daily basis, leading to heavy wear of the seat sides… Read more


Linde BlueSpot

The Linde BlueSpot™ ensures safety in aisles and at blind crossing points – without the need for noise. The new technical features have taken this already premium quality product to the next level. Click logo to view video on Linde Aftersales YouTube page   Linde BlueSpot Features and Advantages —Warning device, especially for driving in… Read more

Linde replacement forks

Quality forks from Linde – Safety information

Fork safety! 1. Always lift loads using the two forks. Never lift a load using just one fork (neither partial nor full loads)! 2. Always carry out visual inspections. Damaged forks must be replaced immediately! 3. Observe the rated capacity and load center. Loads which tend to make the lift-truck tilting are not permissible and… Read more