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The new Linde support blocks provide a stable and secure base during servicing.

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The support blocks, which are made from high-strength yet extremely lightweight material, are available in two sizes and suited to daily servicing, both in terms of their design and material characteristics.

The support blocks come in two sizes:

  • Support block 350x150x100 mm, ~5.3 kg
  • Support block 350x150x50 mm, ~2.65 kg
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 Product features & benefits

  • Material is high-strength PE-HMW 500 (polyethylene – high molecular weight)
  • Scratch, cut and abrasion-resistant
  • Shatter-proof and practically unbreakable, even when under heavy loads during servicing
  • Simple handling due to extremely lightweight material & carrying strap
  • Secure positioning due to double-sided slip-resistant design
  • No absorption of liquids
  • No saturation
  • Does not mould or rot
  • Easy cleaning, even with the high-pressure cleaner
  • Highly resistant to chemicals and oils
  • Electro-insulating properties
  • 100% recyclable