Linde replacement forks
Linde replacement forks

Linde Forks

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For the best replacement fork for your truck you should always buy a pair of genuine Linde forks. Quality manufacturing ensures a long product life span.

All Linde forks are sold in pairs

Fork heel wear zone for longer service life

Unlike standard/competitor forks, all Linde forks incorporate a heel wear zone of at least 6 mm. This additional material on the fork heel means that in the same working environment, a genuine Linde fork will last three times longer than the standard equivalent, thereby reducing our customer’s operating costs.

Linde fork heel wear zone

Additional benefits of genuine Linde forks

Although all forks are manufactured to performance standard BS ISO 2330 which specifies they should be capable of lift three times their rated capacity without permanent deformation, but this does not mean all forks are manufactured to the same quality.

All Linde forks are forged from high grade carbon alloy steel, together with design features and stringent manufacturing techniques which mean they offer enhanced performance and a extended service life when compared to some standard/competitor forks.

As well as the heel wear zone, other features set genuine Linde forks apart from some standard/competitor forks in terms of quality.

linde forks photo

Crack detection during the manufacturing process ensures consistent quality

Linde forks photo

Polished inner fork heel reduces the risk of cracks propagating in this area

linde forks photo

Linde forks are only sold as matched pairs ensuring the tips are always aligned

linde forks photo

Lateral pressing ensures dimensional uniformity of the fork blade

Use this simple guide to help get the correct measurement for your forks

How to measure forks

How to measure forks