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Linde M25 Pro-Brake Hand Pallet Truck (2500kg)

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The Pro-brake is a development of the hand pallet truck which enables the operator to move a heavily laden pallet truck with greatly reduced personal effort, therefore reducing the risk of back injury. Furthermore, the Pro-Brake is extremely controllable and will never overrun its accurate positioning of even the heaviest loads, providing a high level of safety.

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Clear Options

Capable of handling loads up to 2500kg, the Pro Brake hand pallet truck from Linde complements the existing range perfectly.  It delivers a wide range of benefits to the operator.

Let’s get moving

The ‘easy start’ mechanism enables effortless movement of a fully laden truck in either direction from stationary, greatly reducing the risk of back injury.  Tests prove the Pro Brake demands one sixth of the effort required compared to the standard hand pallet truck.

Absolute control – inch by inch

Pro Brake provides control and precision.  Both truck ans load can be inched slowly, for precise load movement.  It is also capable of climbing small obstructions and copes with uneven floors.

Unique braking

The unique Pro Brake (fitted as standard) gives the operator total control of the truck, critical when handling heavy loads.  To ensure safety when parked or operating on ramps, a parking brake can be used.

Matched to your needs

Various non-standard fork configurations are available.  Optional extras include tandem load wheels, rubber steer wheels, polyurethane load wheels and weighing systems.

Peace of Mind

The sealed hydraulic unit ensures long, trouble-free operation, no matter how harsh the on-site conditions.  Pro Brake delivers complete peace of mind.


Capacity 2500kg
Weight 73-78kg
Lift Height 200mm
Lowered Height 85mm
Steer Wheels Rubber
Load Wheels Single Nylon

Wheel configuration

Information on wheel types and combinations for the Hand Pallet Truck range

Pro Brake Brochure