BlueSpot™ is a visual driving path warning device, which encourages safety in aisles as well as in unclear cross-over creating a safer working environment for its employees.

The BlueSpot™ consists of two energy-efficient, very bright and long-lasting LED lights attached to the top of the operator’s protective roof frame, which each project a large blue spot onto the floor a few metres ahead in the direction of travel (forwards or backwards). This acts as a warning to pedestrians who may be approaching. The spot can be lit up constantly or can flash in order to attract attention.

Reverse Sensor Proximity Alarm

Reverse Proximity

The reverse sensor proximity alarm from Linde is an audio visual warning and automatic truck slow down system.

The Linde ultrasonic sensors detect objects or personnel to the rear or side of the truck and automatically reduce the trucks speed in accordance to the distance from the object or person. This advanced solution helps protect workforce and equipment alike.

Safety Accessories

We have an ever increasing range of safety products and equipment, all designed with the welfare of material handling equipment operators, pedestrians and employees in mind to reduce the risk of damage or personal injury on your premises.

An example of some of the equipment available includes access control systems to ensure only authorised operators drive your trucks, camera safety systems, flashing beacons and first aid kits.