Linde training

To ensure safe and efficienct operation of your equipment, it is essential that the right personnel are selected to operate and maintain it and are thoroughly trained in their duties. Professional training courses are available from our national network

Operator Training

Courses are designed to suit the needs of operators with varying degrees of experience. Other options include a conversion course (for the experienced operator when changing to another type of truck) and programmes for instructors and supervisors. Special courses are also arranged for managers, safety officers and trainability assessors. All these options are available on site or at a local Linde network centre and can include training on any brand of truck.

Maintenance Training

Comprehensive courses are available at our training centres – or on your own site related to individual models, as well as specialist courses on electronics and mechanical features. Upon completion of training, your own personnel will be fully equipped to plan and deal with fault finding and rectification.

Manual handling training

Courses are also available covering the requirements defined in Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992.